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Where do I log my food on the app / site?

You cannot log your food on the app or site, as we are not a food logging service. We always suggest MyFitnessPal. There is a video explaining this in the Learn tab under nutrition.

My macros seem incorrect, could I be doing something wrong?

My most common reason for an incorrect macro reading is not paying attention to the units you are using or over/underestimating your activity level. If you are unsure about this, you can use the trainer support chat to ask the coach for advice.

Will you guys write me a meal plan?

No, we do not write meal plans, we are in fact opposed to writing clients meal plans. We teach you how to manage your own nutrition, which we believe is a better long term solution, and has allowed us to help thousands of people.

Where is the macro calculator?

At the top of your nutrition tab.

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