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JSA Version 2.6.9

What's included? 

โœ… Coach check-in improvements

โœ… Bug fixes and performance improvements

Coach check-in improvements

Coach check-ins were initially introduced years back to increase customers engagement with the coaches. However, these check-ins were automated and some customers complained they were not personalised enough. Therefore, we have replaced the automated system with a manual system. All check-ins will now be performed by one of our coaches so that they are more personal and relevant ๐Ÿ˜Š

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JSA Version 2.6.8

What's included? 

โœ… Videos in chat messages

โœ… Classroom

โœ… Rate my response

Videos in chat messages

Many of our customers have voiced to us that they are unsure whether they are completing an exercise with the correct form. Therefore, we have made it so that you can now upload a video of you completing the exercise to the coach support chat. Our coaches will be able to watch this video and then provide you with feedback!


The Learn tab has hundreds of valuable videos which help teach our members the important parts of fitness. However, we realise that for many customers, it is hard to know where to start. Therefore, we have built a Classroom feature, which allows you to go through each video in the order which they are intended to be shown.

Rate my response

We are committed to maintaining a high level of service to our customers, therefore, you are now able to rate our responses to you in the coach chat and are able to rate the personalised training program that we make for you.

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How to add us to your address book

Click 'Add us to your address book' below to download our contact file and automatically add us to your address book on your device. You can also upload this file to Gmail or other email service providers, which will save you the trouble of manually typing in our contact information. 

Add us to your address book

If you prefer to do it manually, look under the email service provider you use to see how.

AOL 8.0+

Step 1 Open an email from us
Step 2 Click Add Address icon
Step 3 Verify the sender’s contact information

AOL Webmail

Step 1 Click on the Addresses tab in the upper right corner of the Mailbox window
Step 2 Click on the New drop-down menu and select New Contact.
Step 3 Type the email address of the new contact in the Screen Name field and click the Save button.


Step 1 Open an email from us
Step 2 Click Add Sender
Step 3 Verify that our contact information is correct
Step 4 Click “Yes”


Step 1 Open an email from us
Step 2 Right-click the sender’s email address
Step 3 Select Add to Address Book in the short-cut menu
Step 4 Verify the sender’s contact details


Click the Show search options downward-pointing triangle in your Gmail’s main search field
Type thedailyjames@jamessmithacademy.com in the From field
Click the link “Create filter with this search”
Check the option “Never send it to Spam”
Click Create filter


Step 1 From the mail screen, click on the Address Book tab
Step 2 Insert the email address you would like to add
Step 3 Click Quick Add

Mac Mail

Step 1 Open an email from us
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Step 3 Click Add to contacts in the short-cut menu
Step 4 Click Save and Close

Microsoft Outlook Express 6+

Step 1 Open an email from us
Step 2 Left-click the sender icon, or right click the sender’s name
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Microsoft Outlook 2003

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Microsoft Outlook 2007

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Step 3 On the Preferences tab, under Email, click Junk E-mail
Step 4 Select Safe Senders or Safe Recipients tab and click add
Step 5 Enter the email address of the contact and click Ok

Mozilla Thunderbird

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Step 3 Click OK on the next screen

Window Live Hotmail

Adding to the Address Book doesn’t automatically add you to the Safe Sender list; you must mark the sender as Safe.

Step 1 Open an email from us
Step 2 Click on the Mark as Safe link

Yahoo! Mail

Step 1 Open an email from us
Step 2 Select the Add to Address Book link.
Step 3 Enter the email address of the contact and click on Save Contact.

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Ruthie's JSA Journey

Ruthie’s JSA Journey 


Going to get straight to it. 

It’s been one hell of a journey in JSA and so much has happened I didn’t know how or where to begin! 


I’ve tried to plan, prepare and think how to write this challenge story for months but in the end it just needs to be written directly from my heart, I need to let this go. 


After being in Cheltenham for the weekend, I finally know why it’s taken so long to write this, it’s because it means so much and it’s letting go of an old me - an afraid, shy, quiet girl and making room for the new person I’m transforming into. She’s confident, sexy and quite cool at times - I’m really not used to it. I’ve been a tomboy, quirky, clumsy, silly most of my life. I don’t know who this new person is!! She’s audacious, ballsy and throws dance moves whenever possible - it’s embarrassing but also A LOT of fun. 


The beginning of this is so sad and so far away from who I am now, I’ve been too afraid to write it and read in black and white. I’m just going to take a breath and get this done. 


How do I wrap up 17 months of my life? The most transforming time I’ve ever had. A mixed bag of the most emotional, hardest and most amazing times of my life! I’ve no idea!! The past 17 months have been a rollercoaster ride. 


The reason I’m not rounding up just the present challenge but all of my journey? I feel this is where I’m at presently and it feels right. 


My journey has been very slow and steady and I’m at a point now looking back where I’m proud of my journey and who I’ve become. 


Ok I’ve been trying & I don’t know how to do it! after 17 months posting nearly every day, I thought I’d find this easy and it just isn’t! Its just too effing long....I think I could draw it or dance it or write a poem or make a video but writing it is like a book! So I’ve gone for a start middle and end. 


From the start last year I’ve always related to my journey as ‘The James Jigsaw’. He gave me the pieces, I had to make the picture. It went like this: 


February 2018: 

I was in a box room at my parents, a 5 month pregnancy had come to an end, I was laid on my bed dealing with the post natal body and hormones but no baby, I was absolutely lost and 

I didn’t exercise, I didn’t even walk, I ate crap and I didn’t think there was any point to me even being here. I honestly thought why did the World want me around, why would anyone love me. I was in a dark place. I’d lost everything I knew mind, materialistic and body. I had no vices to turn to. My soul and zest for life had left the building. 

I’d left a toxic relationship along with my business, a property, so called friends,  and everything I ever knew. Oh then I got fired - that was nice. I had nothing, no money, no home, no partner, no baby, nothing. I was back at my parents after being away from home since I was 19. I’d never borrowed a penny from no one and there I was a complete mess, totally incapable of anything living at my parents eating all their biscuits and chocolate magnums. I’d been at my sisters but I felt a spare part in their life with her family and sons. I was so unhappy it was untrue. I had nowhere to turn. And without being totally depressing - it was a matter of months, maybe weeks before I’d just want out. I had no fight left and hated myself for getting that way too. 


Laid on the bed in the afternoon scrolling through Facebook feeling sorry for myself - I came across your LIVE. It was a rant about Pete the ballbag. Then vegans and something about Keto. I laughed my fucking head off. I jumped upright out of bed. I’ll never forget it. I actually laughed and I hadn’t in ages. I was sat at 90 degrees laughing. I remember taking that moment quite seriously. I’m laughing, I’m smiling? This is important I thought. 


Thereafter, I watched every morning and night (you did 2 then in Oz), I set alarms for them and I’d drop everything I was doing to watch them - much to my Dads tuttering and moaning at me. Get off your phone and get to the job centre! 


I sat and took notes at every live, every book recommendation, every quote, I noted it. You were passionate, funny and I wanted in. I had no money but when there’s a will there’s a way. I found it and joined up & within weeks, I’d joined the group & I had my mum taking photos of me half naked for the 1st Bali Challenge. She loved it. I was doing something and she saw her daughter wanting to live, she was all in. And so was I. 


The middle bit (February 2018 to July 2019)


Some of the achievements made, there’s boat loads, I’ll remember them all once I’ve sent!:

•5 JSA challenges - complete. 

•Half trail marathon

•A full marathon 

•Found CrossFit and fucked off running 

•Walk everywhere 

•Moved out 

•London LIVE 

•Quit job 



•a Jamie Catto workshop 

•CrossFit competition at body power 

•Found a love for lifting 

•Photoshoot for Fiji challenge final 

•Over 10 JSA meet ups 

•Unstoppable weekend with Paul Mort 

•Met Sonny Webster, Martin Macdonald, Ross Edgley, Diren Kartel and Paul Mort 

•Best part - Met you - twice ~ having the confidence to speak the second time proved to me how far I’d come! 

•Swam in the sea by myself for the first time 

•Got on stage by myself at a literary event and read out one of my poems 

•Took part in a play - a fisherman’s wife, my only line was ‘get off me’! I said it well 

•since January I’ve posted all my progress online and don’t care what people think 

•get chatted up and stared at more often, I actually got chatted up while writing this earlier, his chat up line was ‘you look sporty, do you work out?’ I secretly loved it. He asked my name and I said ‘Angel’ - no idea why haha. I felt confident. It was magic. 

•what I’ve loved most is no ones told me what to eat, drink or what training to pick - I’ve moulded my own lifestyle which enables control. 

•Been out to dinner & lunch alone 

•Took part in over 10 performances with a community choir (amazing way to get confidence back! Sing!) 

•Supported my mum through cancer, a stroke and a bad fall

•Become my own nutritionist; learnt all about calories, making food, protein, prepping, all on a budget. I could write a whole book on this. I make an unreal banana bread

•being more knowledgable in general about life  

•I still eat all the food I love 

•I know how to not eat till 15:00 and it’s called not eating till 3pm. 

•tried the gym, home workouts, running, TRX, boxing and then found CrossFit and lifting - the rest is history. 

•I don’t weigh myself anymore but it’s approx over 1.5 stone I’ve lost in weight •Lost a tonne of bullshit and know when I’m online or reading anything. I don’t get fooled anymore. 

•I’ve tried everything from joe wicks to insanity to beach body to tone it up to wall climbing to the gym to yoga to Bootcamp to les mills to bro split to juice diets to starving myself and I was exhausted. I’m thankfully now in JSA where I belong!! 

•Gone from size 12/14 to 8/10 - means a lot in a woman’s brain. 

•Took my first ever video Sept 18......

•.......Then took a video every day thereafter in JSA Squatober, Plankvember and 25 days of Xmas challenges and turned into a video dancing sporty junkie 

•helped numerous friends and family with my new found knowledge! 

•my head faces down on all my photos up until the Fiji Challenge and I didn’t take a video for 7months! 

•read the books, walked and listened to podcasts. Sat on street corners listening to your podcasts (because they’re too relaxing at home and can bring on sleep!) 

•I’ve done all of this with hardly any money, I sold my camera for lifting shoes for the last challenge to work on my snatch goal! 

•been on courses, workshops, Ross Edgley live, currently on a transformation with Paul Mort 

•joined Sonny Webster academy - I love it. Thanks to listening to your podcast. And Donna telling me to. 

•You’ve changed my whole life around James and I am eternally grateful. Fitness and body issues aside, I just feel a whole lot happier in general and that’s worth more than abs or ass any day. Thank you so much. 

•favourite: helped transform a friends life and find fitness and nutrition in his life. Now 4 months off drugs and in CrossFit. Probably the best gift ever, helping another change their life. He had to want to do it but the fact I could be there to help has transformed me too. 

•I make people laugh when I tell them Pete the ballbag and Brian the Bird where the instigators that changed my life 

•I got my money back from the joe wicks plan - I felt so deflated by trying to cook the recipes and doing the exercises I jibbed out after a week. Told them I had a bad back and got my money back. I did too, from traipsing around trying to find weird ingredients. I’m proud of this. 

•the numerous messages and comments I get from people who’ve gone back to the gym or been inspired by me. Most recently someone went ice skating. Another joined weightlifting class. 4 CrossFit. Another messaged me to offer to pay for my flight to Barcelona today! Someone I’ve never even met but said I’ve helped them! What! 

•never giving up. Never getting on or off a wagon or starting again. Just getting on with it and facing it all for 17 months and now my future. 

•I’ve never worked harder or stayed as consistent at this than anything I’ve ever done. 

•I’m closer to my parents and even though I beat myself up about being back with my parents at the time, we formed relationships we’d never have had without it. No regrets. I now speak to my mum every day  - before it was once a month. My dad even sends me WhatsApp messages and has bought an iPhone. They have followed every part of my progress.  

•the feeling of being more educated. All the jokes, sass and dancing aside - I feel like I’ve been in some sort of Uni but without the massive price tag or loan to pay back. 

•my dad bought me a heart bracelet (he never buys me anything ever!) he said it was a ‘never be that miserable person again celebration bracelet’ - thanks Dad. 

•my travel notepad is full of dick drawings after Cheltenham. 


My #bali3 challenge goal: 

The massive thing I see here is the mental transformation. In one I can’t even look up. The other is zero fucks given to posing on the street and having fun!! 


My fat loss journey was very quick at first and I’ve lost over a stone in weight, then it’s been a long, hard journey getting even the tiniest bit of definition or muscle and gaining body strength. 


The strength in my legs isn’t even noticeable in a photo but they are 10 times stronger and flexible. It’s very frustrating to work and work over long periods of time and not SEE anything. Especially the past few months - I’ve worked my ass off at a new sport and there’s hardly any composition change. 


HOWEVER - the unseen mental side of me is getting stronger every day, it’s just harder to show and get across. I’m hoping I can do that in this challenge. 


Being told I’m skinny, stick legs, tiny ass, why do you go to the gym you don’t need to? All really gets to me as no one asks ‘are you happy?’ Or ask what focus and drive I get from fitness? It’s all about the body sometimes. 


And yes I’m not gonna lie, I’m looking forward to getting ripped because I’ve never looked like that! and I’m excited to be the best my body can be - who doesn’t want to look hot even just for a little bit of our lives, it’ll all be gone one day anyway! I just want to try it! 


I think I’m trying to say the mental transformations are incredible. I’m a different person but that cannot be always seen in a photograph. 


I may not LOOK that different but I can tell you I FEEL a hell of a lot different. 


๐Ÿ’œI’m really proud of how far I’ve come๐Ÿ’œ - and just writing that is my transformation.


Last ten years or so: 

When partying was my life: I couldn’t do, see, speak or go anywhere without getting drunk or taking something. All my problems would vanish and I’d blackout hopefully and forget my life. I loved drinking. l’ve had wild, crazy, absolutely amazing times - st Patrick’s day was always my favourite, being half Irish and there being a whole day dedicated to getting pissed - was a dream come true. When it landed on a weekend even better, one year it did and the whole day drinking wasn’t enough so I got in a taxi to the airport to get on a flight anywhere - the choice was Leeds, Frankfurt, Paris, Brussels or Amsterdam - I thought fuck love, chocolates, long sausages or Leeds I wanted more party - so you guessed it I ended up in Amsterdam which I quickly renamed amsterdamage afterwards. I’ve drank vodka straight out the bottle on a night train in Vietnam talking to chickens, I’ve swam in the Mediterranean naked drinking cava out the bottle, got on stage with a jazz singer in New Orleans after drinking what seemed hundreds of drinks called hand grenades (they don’t tell you the ingredients) followed by the bourbon street tradition of flashing my boobs to everyone on the street. I got on the back of a fire engine chucking out beads for a Mardi Gras type parade - totally wasted, I drove a hover boat pissed in the swamps surrounded by alligators. 


On the flip side comes the less funny and more dangerous, when my life was totally out of control: Woke up outside a street hotel entrance door asleep. Threw a pint glass at a mirror dancing in a rock bar cause I thought it was funny. Mistook martini for wine and was the epitome of paralytic - a bit like the guy in wolf of Wall Street that took too many lemons but I thought it was hilarious and I was really living life! I took a load of African guys to get drunk paying for everything and buying all their watches only later to try get bundled into a van and nearly raped. Lost bags, wallets, money, jewellery, multiple iPads, iPhones and lost my car many times. 

These are to name just a few - ones that I can remember anyway. I was the life and soul I thought but evidently actually a bit of an arsehole. I’d vetoed the right to partying. I desperately needed change. 


I basically spent years of my life chasing the end of the wine glass, shot glass, pint glass, martini glass, cider glass.... any fucking glass I could to find for all my answers to my problems, they never came so I had to drink heavier and heavier to get the high. A night out wasn’t enough so I’d carry on for the whole weekend. Then drink wasn’t enough so I went on to harder things. Still not enough, still no answers. What it gave me in return was god awful hangovers, I was fat, bloated, miserable, depressed, bad skin and people that were only my friends because I was always buying everything and was the best craic to be around. I binged on junk food, starved myself or puked up food. I bought insanity, beach body, SSS, tone it up (2 fit birds from LA and another £300 wasted) everything - and tried to defy science by sweating it out jumping in my living room. I followed juice diets, plans, aloe Vera cleanse - all the fucking shite that was sold to a very naive and helpless me.—————-

I found this academy and my life just hit the gas and there’s no turning back!! I know what to eat and how to exercise and most importantly - WHY. I’ve never know why before now. I came to realise that I’m actually now capable of all that fun and SOME now that I’m focussed, that other girl is still there but she’s more in the moment than being wasted. I don’t forget or not hear or see anything these days, I feel every touch, I see every sparkle, I hear every word someone says to me, I look people dead in the eye and feel their soul and actually hear what they are saying. I thought I was living then but I’m actually really living now. I sing, dance and socialise without the use of substances. I believe in myself. I feel magic every day in the simplest of things. I barely have any possessions and want for little. I treasure my friends that have stayed around when it’s been shit the past year or so. And I treasure the new friends I have met here that have supported me so much.


I was a bit of a tear away, always looking for a party and the next hit of anything! Whether it be alcohol, shopping, cigarettes, food, sex, drugs, dance, party - anything that would laugh off and cover over / mask what was going on in my head. I procrastinated, ignored and couldn’t face anything. Party? What time? I’m there. Festival? Yeah a whole weekend of forgetting everything. Woke up on a hill in a Spanish village at a tomato festival this way. That was a lot of fun actually. 


Had A LOT of fun, but years and years of it took its toll and I just ended up numb & fat with a boat load of addictions to shake off. I broke one day, actually broke...crashed to the floor, cried for a bit and screamed. Then got up, gave myself a deadline of 3 weeks to arrange myself and walked out on THE LOT: 2 businesses, a relationship, an apartment overlooking the mediterránean sea, my friends, my things. My everything I ever knew. I acted brave and put on a front but...It broke me. 


I’m now getting to grips with mental health, this past year talking for the first time about it - having been trapped in my head for years it’s been magical and such a RELIEF and most recently - getting counselling, now on my 4th session this week. My past and some stuff I’ve had to deal with has basically nearly been the end of me. I’m happy to say I fought and I’m getting through it. 


I’ve started a new chapter in my life and I’m looking forward to the future. I’m learning, reading, stopping myself fucking about, i don’t need hardly anything material to survive, I eat fresh food, I have friends, I have a roof over my head - that’s it. My life is simple. I’m always weirdly happy I have my teeth and legs. So many people don’t. And now I have really long legs.


I’m facing my fears head on this year, it’s frightening at times but worth it!! I’m even going to get over a life long fear of spiders and hold a tarantula. Apparently it’s a cure for so much. I’m getting to know myself again and it’s fun!! I realise now I don’t need any go-tos or addictions to keep me happy, I just needed to be ME.


July 2019 

Yes it’s great to walk down the street and finally have an ass in my jeans 

Yes it’s nice to look in the mirror and like what I look like naked

Yes it’s nice to receive compliments and get asked out more - by men & women! 

Yes it’s nice to have even longer legs! 


But what is the best feeling in the world - is walking down the street and loving how I feel in my head. 

Walking down the street and loving who I am. Being audacious, silly, adventurous, sexy, sassy, laughing, hugging, creative - ME. And not caring what others think. 


I’ve sold all my valuables, mainly to buy lifting things ๐Ÿ˜‚ I live in a hostel, I’m starting a new life and I’m pleased to say I am my most valuable possession. It’s taken almost 38 years but here I am. Here I fucking am. 


My goal in #Bali3 was to show a transformation not only of composition but of mindset. I hope I’ve achieved that. 


Over the past 17 months I’ve revealed who I am, the lowlights, the highlights: warts and all, given my all to the challenges, to the beautiful legends that are now my family, to the academy and to you. I’m less afraid each day and it means the world. 


Its without a doubt been the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’m in tears just looking back through it all, it’s time to let go of this and start a new chapter and that’s what’s scary and making me cry. 


What you have created here is very special. 


From the bottom of my heart, thank you. 


I finally have put together a pretty decent jigsaw which I’m proud of. 


So there we have it - ‘The James Jigsaw’ pieced together and still pieces to find like that damn bit of green grass or blue sky pieces missing. I have however, the foundations, the edges and the main character. 


Honestly, I don’t know if that makes sense, if my effort and hard work comes across. 


The change I see most though is mental, its the things you can’t see, I’ve pulled things out the bag I never thought I could. I’m stronger and more determined than I ever imagined and I now know the world has a place for me. 


If I could scrap it all and replace with one phrase though, I’ve gone from:






That’s it actually. 


Love & hugs, 



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Fiji Challenge Winner
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Smoker to Triathlete
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From Marie
I just wanted to send you a massive thank you for giving me the tools I needed to change my life for the better. Don't get me wrong my life was pretty awesome but it has massively gone up a notch or two. 
Before joining the academy I ran a few times a week and did a few HIIT's a week. I thought I ate well but like most people, at the weekend, I would smash in excess of 3000 cals drinking too much beer and eating too many kebabs and didn't factor that into my weekly calorie count.
You have now given me the tools I need to do a proper workout in the gym and although I still spank the calories at the weekend they are massively reined back in during the week. I have dropped a stone, a dress size and a crap ton of inches (including 4 off my boobs which I am not that happy about to be honest.)
As much as I am happy about the body changes the biggest one for me has definitely got to be in my head. I now have a huge  'fuck it' attitude. And that is 100% down to what you write in your daily emails, (the one you sent today spurred me into emailing you.) Back in August I toyed with the idea of going to the Birmingham meet up. I then said 'fuck it' to myself and rocked up on my own not knowing a soul and I had an awesome night. I came away with a bunch of new friends but the highlight was obviously meeting you ;-)
Then last week I had another 'fuck it' moment and I joined a local ladies rugby team. I am 41 years old and out age most of the girls but a good 15 years, I have never played rugby in my life and turning up to my first training session terrified me. But I went, I ran around, caught the ball, I also dropped the ball and threw some proper ropey passes, I got covered in mud and I had the best time. The smile didn't leave my face for the entire day and I cannot wait for my next training session and even potentially a game. I am fully aware that my rugby playing days are limited but at least I can say I gave it a go. Also I out fitnessed a lot the girls in training and that is definitely down to Diren's training plan I am doing,
I honestly do not think I would have had the balls to do any of these things before finding your amazing academy. So THANK YOU for everything and I cannot wait to see what I say 'fuck it' to next!!
Much love and respect,
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Vegas Challenge Winner

Due to a serious and complicated medical history living my best life was something that other people got to experience, I could only watch from the side-lines wishing that my life could be different.

Years of multiple illnesses and many set backs eventually left me on life support for three months with my family being prepared for the worst, I’ve always been a fighter though and surprisingly pulled through although unfortunately have been left paralysed down my right leg and foot.

After intense rehabilitation I was discharged, with no further treatment offered, I was left to go and live what life I could with the help of carers 24/7, can you imagine being told that life as you knew it was over and that for ever more you will be dependent on someone for the most basic of tasks? I couldn’t even walk unaided- I was devastated- but determined to find a new version of MY normal.

I tried for over two years to regain strength especially in the wasted muscles of my leg, I was bounced from one supposed specialist, nutritionist or dietician to another and not one person could help me.  I had been going to the gym and spending up to three hours a day on the recumbent bike believing this was the only thing I was capable of due to my circumstances.

I was at the point of giving up when I decided to take the chance and emailed James, giving him my full story but not really expecting a reply, imagine my shock when I received an email from him? He was honest enough to say that he didn’t know if his academy could help but why not give it a go? I will admit to being initially disappointed in this, I think I was expecting someone to wave a magic wand and I’d be fixed, but on reflection I realised that I had absolutely nothing to lose! I had tried everything else to no avail so why not?

Joining the JSA turned out to be the best decision of my life.  For the first time I was dealt with honesty and facts rather than the false hope and pretences of the previous ‘experts.’ It was a breath of fresh air to be dealing with people who genuinely wanted you to succeed and not just to line their pockets. The academy gives you all the tools needed to succeed, it doesn’t sugar coat it, it states quite simply that there is no quick fix and that its all down to your own hard work and efforts. I loved the fact that they make it a life change and that it’s so easily sustainable.

 I decided to join in the Las Vegas challenge purely to give myself a time frame to work towards, believing that if I didn’t get stronger in the 12 weeks I was never going to, I didn’t believe for a minute that I stood a chance of winning against the incredible transformations that I had seen taking place. It took some time to get the exercise plan right and many, many messages passed between myself and Diren before we got a plan that just ‘worked’ and for the first time in my life I was lifting weights and achieving the seemingly impossible. It must be said that the support I received from the other academy members was out of this world. We are all walking the same path, yet we all want each other to do so well, I would not have pushed myself so hard had it not been for their support and belief in me.  

To my utter disbelief by the end of the challenge I had worked my way from walking with two crutches and support to managing to walk six steps fully unaided! Along the way I had also lost 16lbs and 46 inches from all over my body! I was utterly gob smacked when I was announced the winner of the challenge! I have the utmost respect for the JSA because, whilst I can technically now walk, the actual trip to Las Vegas was just not feasible for me due to the sheer size of it so when James asked if I would prefer the cash equivalent instead I happily accepted and now plan to use the money to make some more of my goals come true, for instance swimming with dolphins and visiting Paris.

Who knew that when I joined a fitness challenge that my life would change so dramatically for the better. Each and every single day I am achieving small things that only three months ago were impossible. My health will always be extremely precarious and there are times when I doubt myself but in those moments of doubt I look to the support of the JSA army to help me through. I now wake up every morning excited to see what else I can achieve!

James and the JSA have literally changed my life, there is not enough ways in which I can thank them for giving me back my life.


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Another Happy Member 2

"Your academy taught me a lot and I found what worked for me and what didn't, it's just a clear no nonsense approach and refreshing to hear in the industry. 

You've given me the confidence to make my own workouts and try different exercises that I wouldn't have thought about before and how to tailor it to suit. 

It's a class academy and everyone should definitely give it a go, and it has a free fucking trial! 

Can't get any better than that, no PT is going to give their time away for free... (well at least for 5 days!)."

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Another Happy Member

Hi James

I’ve been with the Academy since September, signed up for the three month trial. Gave a huge explanation on my training bit about injuries and more recently, I had a problem with my knee subluxing but not always slotting back in. However, normally I’d have lost my shit and had a breakdown. I had my weekly check in, Andrew was blinding, recommended a new plan, Diren was on it and absolutely brilliant with me.

I just want to thank the guys for being so good with this injury, for helping me continue to rehabilitate physically as well as mentally through varied exercises. The best thing of all... is I’m back in love with training again. Something I never thought would happen!! I genuinely can’t thank the guys enough.

Ps can you thank Sean too, he’s always my check in guy and great!

I’m sorry it’s long winded but because of you guys I’m happy to train and not just go through the motions.

Thanks again

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London to Edinburgh

So I am in Scotland.

Diren and I are currently in a bar having a gin and tonic, it's 9pm.

"Gin and tonics make me write sick emails bro, it must be scientific."

Kartal, D.

It's a weird old bar and we had to open a bookcase to get into the main bar area.

I was told there was free refillable popcorn so I was sold immediately.

We have our laptops with us as we have work to do as we've been out all day.

Why are we in Scotland?

โ€‹We took one of our members out for dinner.

Lorna, winner of the Vegas challenge.

โ€‹We hired a car and drove out to her home town (in the arse end of nowhere).

Her nearest McDonalds was a 25 minute drive away.

No wonder she doesn't drink. How is she going to get a McFlurry on a hangover Deliveroo'd that distance away.

Lorna has been dealt one of the toughest hands of anyone I know at life.

I wanted to ask her face to face about it more today and I can't tell you how mad it is that someone in her position not only was brave but audacious enough to commit to my Academy.

I won't disclose too much of her personal life but a lady from a small town in Scotland who couldn't walk unassisted gave the JSA challenge a go.

She fucking owned it and won it too.

From what I hear the support systems gave up on her several times but she didn't give up on herself.

It's not often I sit in a room with someone who is more audacious than me, I was taken back a bit throughout the entire day.

Not only did I find out what a strong Scottish woman was made of today.

It actually made me realise how fucking soft the rest of us are.

โ€‹Moaning about how we're busy or tired from our big weekends.

Making up in most cases trivial shit.

โ€‹None of us have ever had to move house because we can't use stairs to only mention a few.

Point I want to make is this.

3.5 months ago a lady who couldn't walk unassisted entered our JSA Vegas challenge saying "I have nothing to lose".

She'd seen loads of specialists who couldn't help her.
โ€‹She went and fucking won it too.

I spoke to Lorna and told her that Las Vegas may not be the best place for her  to celebrate and we offered a cash prize instead.

โ€‹I asked her today what she'd spend it on and she said she's told me she's going to use the money to go swim with dolphins.

I am absolutely fucking buzzing about that.

So today from me, in Scotland.

I'm going to tell you to have a bit of Lorna about you and stop being such a fucking pussy.

3 months from now I could be in your front room with you telling me how you "couldn't believe I actually won!"

โ€‹You won't win without taking part, I can assure you that.

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Sydney Challenge Winner

Living my “best life” always seemed out of reach. My dreams for the future were always framed in the caveat “once I...” or “when I....”

I never quite felt like I had the strength or willpower inside me to steer my own life. My health, my fitness and my confidence always seemed at the mercy of the current situation, and I used it as a crutch and stood in my own way.

When I stumbled across the JSA, what really struck me the most was honesty. For the first time, there was no false hope, no quick fix, just a dose of reality and the tools and support to achieve what had always been in my power.

I signed up for the first challenge, thinking it would be a good way to stay accountable. Although I had some rocky patches, the tools I learned gave me the flexibility to ride the tricky times out, and as I started to take charge of my own fitness, my life followed suit. The “ifs” and “when’s” became “now” and “I am”. I started to put my focus on balance, and what used to take up 100% of my thoughts and worries became a sustainable 20% of my daily life.

To my amazement, I won the first challenge and was given a trip to Sydney to meet the JSA crew and celebrate my journey. The whole time, the focus was never on how to strive for perfection or on the “what now”. It was really a chance to reflect on how I had gotten to that place and the opportunity to be mentored by people who were living “their best life” and blazing the trail to have balance, purpose, and the courage to step out of a comfort zone to peruse one’s passion.

The trip itself was once in a lifetime— I was treated to so many experiences I would have never gotten to otherwise, and I felt so valued by both the JSA team and the larger JSA community. When I met James at the airport, I was welcomed like an old friend, and felt genuinely cared for. I can never thank the team enough for all of the incredible dining, wining, and opportunities to see Sydney from every angle: car,train,boat and even private seaplane, to name a few!

I never knew that by signing up for a fitness challenge, my life could be so impacted. When I got home, life resumed. My health continues to test my limits and there are times I question my abilities; but, the tools and experience I have keep me going, and I wake up every day feeling like I can live my best life, here, today, and now. And, in those moments I have doubt, I have a whole JSA army behind me to lift me up!

I will forever have a special place in my heart for Sydney and all that experience taught me, and of course, I will bleed JSA for life.

- Savanah Hope

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JSA Member Feedback

Hi James,

After all the things I’ve read and seen recently on insta, I’ve felt compelled to message you. I’m an academy member and would like to tell you about what you, Diren and the academy has done for me. It’s a long one, you may want to get comfy - grab a brew!

I’m fat, I’ve always been fat, I’ve had varying degrees of fat but never been able to fit into the “just a bit chubby” category since the age of 11. Since this age, I’ve also had an horrific relationship with food, most foods demonised, swayed between bingeing and starving, the starving never lasted that long, hence been really fat most of my life. 18 months ago I started on a bit of a run of bad luck/life changing events and I ate my way through every single one of them, managed to gain 61/2 stone in that time - I know a majorly impressive amount of calories and you’re currently wondering if I’m a competitive eater!!! Sadly not!

 I have tried everything in my life to lose weight, spent a fortune, traded my sanity, self worth and self esteem for a load of false promises, lies and cons, without success obviously, until I found your academy about 10 weeks ago. A friend recommended it to me as she is also an academy member so thought I would give it a go, I’d tried everything else! In those 10 weeks it’s not even an exaggeration that my life has completely changed. For the first time ever, food isn’t this all powerful thing that ruins my life, I have only binged once in 10 weeks, this used to be a daily thing, I’m not obsessed with food anymore, no longer looking for a magic answer to a hopeless problem. I no longer weigh myself, I now understand this means nothing so I don’t bother. I do measure myself and take pics and I have around 68cm all over in those 10 weeks. However, this is nothing compared to the mental change in me. I have had the confidence to cut my hair, start wearing nicer clothes (they were always reserved for thinner me), I got on a train impulsively and went to the Leeds meet up and met some of the most fantastic and inspiring people, I managed to meet Pippa McKean and Amanda Tetlock, who are my real life heroes and achieved something I now feel is possible. I no longer hide away at home, I’m out and about doing things.

For the first time in my adult life, I feel comfortable about my body, I don’t feel upset or feel the need to compare myself. As you know there are some absolute stunners in the academy, I don’t feel less of a person anymore because I’m surrounded by thinner/fitter people. I find their support overwhelming at times.

 It’s given me the confidence to start training, I’ve been to a few PTs in my life and the first thing they all do is take one look at my body, underestimate what I am able to do and stick me on a bike for 5 mins followed by the treadmill and a couple of weights. It’s always resulted in me not returning again! This is the first time I feel like I haven’t been underestimated. That the training programme I was given was realistic but also pushed me and as it’s not a one size fits all programme that’s not easy to do.

Not only has it been an amazing transformation mentally but that has leaked into other areas of my life, my marriage is better, I’m a better mother, I’m more confident at work and have even bagged myself a meeting with the Trusts chief executive tomorrow to argue the case for some funding for where I work.

So whilst some people are screaming fat shaming, I would like to thank you and your system for being the first thing I have ever found that has made me unashamed of who I am and how my body currently looks. Knowing that I can now achieve what I want to and have. A healthier life without compromising myself.

Thanks Katie

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JSA Vegas Challenge
So what is it?

So over the next 3 months I'm offering you the opportunity to work your way to a dream trip to Vegas.

We will place 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

This week we will open the enrollment to the challenge on the 10th June, any existing member can apply.

1st Prize -A 1 week trip (flights and accomodations paid for) to Vegas. 

2nd Prize - Lifetime Free Academy Memebership

3rd Prize - 1x Years Free Membership

Rules & Regulations of the Challenge

1) Photos & "Personal Story" must be uploaded to The Academy during enrollment (Enrollment opens 10th June 2018 and remains open until the 20th June 2018)
Photos can be clothed, underwear, no nudes thanks, up to the participant.

2) Progress is not judged on just weight loss, or fat loss or even measurements, it's based on holistic progress with the participants story taken in to full account.

If you have not signed up to The James Smith Academy yet, please do so, by logging into your account and going to the challenge tab.


Any questions get me at james@jamessmithacademy.com


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Man's Been Catfished

Mans been Catfished!

(Alright, maybe I've spent too long with Diren.)

Woke up this morning to a couple people telling me they've seen me on Plenty Of Fish in Glasgow!

Screenshotted the profile and sent it to me.

For any of you who don't know POF is like Tinder but lower grade and people are 74% more likely to bang (doe) on the first date.

I hear 2017 marked the first trend of people on Tinder NOT putting out on the first date.

Towards the end of 2017 the platform went into decline because people started using it to find meaningful relationships.

(Makes me sick)

POF members have typically more regrettable tattoos and are 45% more likely to give you a STI.

So. I've. Heard.

The dudes name on POF is Kevmc1101

"Just back from Oz.. no roasters!"

Not even sure what that means.

But he's only gone and nabbed my skydive picture and me having a selfie with a kangaroo.

Age 27, I wish - I'm 28 (and 1/2 mate.)

"wants to date but nothing serious."

Bonjour, not far off.

Profession: 'employee of the month'... good chat good chat.

Now this fuckwits put me at 5'10.

I'm 6ft you cheeky fucking twat.

(World's shortest rugby player to have an appearance at second row in Nat 2.)


Despite the Lol's I got from this whole ordeal this morning.

I couldn't help but think.

What are you playing at mate?

Like, if he want to pretend to be me. What does he accomplish?

I see PT's doing it on social and I'm like yeah fair play they want a piece of the pie.


You mad?

Ok so let's face it, he may be able to source some good nudes with the kangaroo selfie, works every time.

However POF members are 3.2x more likely to send nudes on request than Tinder or Bumble.
(Smith et al 2017.)

But, not being funny mate.

If you want a picture of a vagina google images has got your back.

Also Porn has been free since like 2004.

So you're going a pretty long way about getting some nudes, ya know?

Secondly, ok, is this guy actually going to meet this chick.

Because if he's not my identical twin that I was separated at birth.

She's probably going to clock on a bit.

I don't think using someone else's picture on a dating site is the best way to build trust.

Hi I'm Kev.

Well you don't look like your pictures. At all.

EVEN ON POF, your chances of getting laid after that stunt are slim.

Last point.

If you're going to steal someone's photos, probably don't steal them off the dude who's been all over your mates facebook feeds using the f word and telling a bird called Brian to shut up.

โ€‹All in all.

Kev, using my photos for your POF, funny as.

You desperate turd.

However the way you're going about getting a picture of someone's vag and getting your end away are truly awful.

If you want some dating advice, DM me and I'll give you a few pointers. No Dramas.

So to wrap up.

The only thing more fucking stupid than using someone else's pictures on a dating site.

Is NOT to join my fucking Academy.


James :) 

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So today I woke up in Brisbane
So today I woke up in Brisbane.

I ended up training at a MMA gym last night and rolled Jiu Jitsu with some complete strangers and it was awesome!

I then went out for a few beers and I got up at the bloody crack of dawn.

I know a guy in Brisbane, I met him at a festival in Croatia 2 years ago.

The same one where I decided to come to Australia.

When I was a backpacker, 14 months ago he took me out for beers and took care of me.

So today I did my first PT session face to face which I've done in around 5 months for his wife who's pregnant.

He said she loved my Q&A's and wasn't sure what she was doing in the gym. So I got up 4:30 with a sore head to take her for a sesh.

It's amazing how much time I have for those who had time for me before I had a lot of followers.

I used to think I could get away with training someone in a gym.

Turns out "since I am James Smith" it's quite hard to fly below the radar.

Then this dude then arranged for me to meet a Lululemon store manager in the city and he got me 40% off anything I wanted.

Shortly after Diren messaged me and told me he'd landed in Brisbane.

I sat back with a beer this afternoon on the river and thought how is life this good?

How have I been dealt such a good hand?

What is the secret to happiness?

What is the secret to feeling to content?

When I think about it I think it stems to one thing.

Doing what the fuck you want.

Now, I very much hope no one has ever called me selfish behind my back.

I got up hungover at 4:30 to train a pregnant woman I met once in 2016 for a free coffee.

I probably give TOO much to those that don't pay me.

I give the rest to those who do.

But although I am not selfish.

I do what I bloody please.

Although it's important to put other people ahead of you a lot of the time, you have to come first.

Remember, at the end of the day it's your life.

I think there are too many people out there, yourself included that are too caught up in the people around them.

They fail to realise they're not actually that happy themselves.

If they look at their top priorities, it's keeping those AROUND them happy.

If you want my personal development 2 cents.

You have to do you.

You have to stop for a second and think.

"What is it that I want?"

Not what your partner wants.

Not what your mate wants.

Not what your parents think.


Is it fair to assume that you've been planning your life around what other people want for too long?

Could I assume you could be a lot better off if you put yourself first?

Sort out your shit.?

Not everyone else's problems?

I'm not saying join my Academy forever.

But how about 3 months, some selfish time?

Where you devote your efforts on you.

Just you.

From me, in Brisbane, drinking a G&T with my feet in an infinity pool and sunshine on my face.

You'd be surprised where putting yourself first can take you.


p.s Diren says "what you saying?"