Recent transformations

I’m not done yet though! Still going strong.

Lost weight and added muscle.

6 weeks of lifting the JSA way and working with a cfd start of August to middle of September.

Biggest change for me is posture & smile. Cheers lads!!!

10 months between pictures and the only real change I made was tracking my macros.

Before (Sept 1) and current (Oct 20).

It may not seem like a huge weight loss, but it took me down a dress size!

4 weeks only cfd, no change in exercise..

I loved watching the Facebook content before I joined the academy and have loved the content and support inside. I feel I have gained so much knowledge I find myself on a daily basis offering advise to people I know. I have recommended the academy to many friends which has led to two joining who absolutely love it. I have been amazed at what I have achieved in such a short space of time during the Bali challenge and I feel very proud and driven to keep going.

Sydney Challenge Winner