Member Transformations
Some transformations from our amazing members. 💪


Progress from March this year til now. JSA works and I'm eternally grateful :) Still goals to smash but its so encouraging to see what all my hard work has achieved so far. Consistent CFD, weight training and NEAT up where possible.



Y’all know if there’s a reason for me to get my arse out then I’m doing it ❤️. Have seen a massive change in the past 8 weeks, both in my figure and my attitude. I’m more confident in myself, happier, and I feel that I have a better knowledge of what I’m supposed to be doing. Not scared of getting fat anymore because I know what to do to not be fat, which is liberating in itself. The best part is that I’ve made tons of new friends from all around the world. Everyone in the academy is so supportive - I wouldn’t have made the progress without them (I’ve only been trying for 10 god damn years 😂).



15kg down #CFD.



I loved watching the Facebook content before I joined the academy and have loved the content and support inside. I feel I have gained so much knowledge I find myself on a daily basis offering advise to people I know. I have recommended the academy to many friends which has led to two joining who absolutely love it. I have been amazed at what I have achieved in such a short space of time during the Bali challenge and I feel very proud and driven to keep going.



4 weeks only cfd, no change in exercise...



The past 4 months with JSA has made me more appreciative about my journey than I ever have been. I have developed a confidence I didn’t know was possible. I had a long journey of calorie deficit before I started JSA and not until now did I believe I could actually succeed in this journey! Side by side is me at the start of following JSA to currently. My single photo is me after every failed “diet” and before I discovered that calorie deficit really is the answer. 💜



You know what’s nice. Not wanting to cry every time I pass a mirror naked. 8 weeks of CFD. I’ve ate Nando’s, drank beer and ate chocolate (a lot!) but I have the tools to make this work in my diet thanks to the JSA. The beauty of it all is I know I’ve just started and I’m actually excited to keep going. I’ve never had such a healthy relationship with food, gym and myself ❤



This is my 8 week transformation since starting the JSA and the Vegas challenge. It’s just nice to have a group as supportive as this one, I normally try to go it myself and then stop within a few weeks as I’m not accountable to anyone. Between the two pictures there’s 12 kg in difference and 6.5 inches off my waist.


Jo Anna

Still the same weight. Went from a size 12-14 to an 8-10. Biggest win? Still being able to eat chocolate everyday 😁.



My Christmas eating spilled into the rest of the year 😂 and I was unhappy about the fat I’d pilled on. Full on dad bod! I’d been following James on Facebook for a while. I liked his no bullshit approach and plain easy to follow advice. I decided to sign up for the free trial and loved it, so I signed up for 3 months. This is my progress 7 weeks in. I’m really pleased with the difference in body shape although there isn’t a huge difference in actual weight. CFD works 😊.



Top was 12 weeks and 9.2kg ago. Bottom was yesterday with a shit load of additional confidence ❤❤



12 weeks difference 16 stone 8lbs down to 15 stone 11lbs. New confidence, new friends, finally enjoying my journey and doing it the way I want to do it. I highly recommend JSA to everyone! If it’s not for the help from James and The Coaches, it’s the family of JSA members you get that comes with it!

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