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Why Join JSA?

JSA will teach you training principles, exercises, nutrition and other areas of fitness. We will help you to build a personalised training plan and provide the tools necessary to take control of your fitness. Our coaches are here for support and to ensure that you reach your fitness goals.

Coaching Support

JSA Coaches

If you are here, you have most likely heard of James Smith. James is one of the trainers who make up the JSA. The other two are Tammy Potter and Diren Kartal. Diren, aka Turkish delight, played semi pro football for most of his life and is a personal trainer in Sydney. He enjoys long blacks (the coffee) and binge eating with Netflix. Tammy is a powerful little Kiwi fruit with many years of personal training experience. She specialised in Pre and Postnatal training and is highly knowledgable in all things fitness. These will be your coaches.

Coach Support

Talk with our coaches about any fitness related questions you may have. No question is silly and we believe the most important thing is that you are able to learn about training and nutrition so you may become self sufficient in the future.

Members Can Contact Coaches For Support
Coaches Provide Support To Members

Coaching Videos

Learn training principles, exercises and nutrition in an entertaining and informative way. Our video content features James Smith and other expert fitness coaches. We cover a broad range of topics including the Basics of Training and Nutrition, Pre & Post Natal training, Cross Fitness Exercises, How to Build a Training Program and more.

Training Programs

JSA coaching videos will teach you how to create exercise programs and perform the exercises. If you are still not comfortable creating your own program after watching the videos, you can request a personalised exercise program from our coaches in-site through your training tab. They will work with you to find the best solution.

Request Exercise Training Program
Request Program

Fill out the in-site form to request a customised program. The form includes basic questions about yourself and your goal.

Download Exercise Training Program
Download Program

Your program will show in your training tab as an editable pdf so you can bring it around the gym on your mobile.

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Fitness Recipe Slow Cooked
Fitness Recipe Overnight

Nutrition Guidance

Our nutrition section includes many recipes uploaded by our members. As the number of members grow, so does the number of recipes. Recipes are rated by members to keep the questionable ones out of sight. In addition, we have a feature which randomly combines recipes to daily protein/calorie requirements. Finally, we allow you to track your daily calories/macros with an in-site tracker. The trackers enables you to deduct in-site recipes and other single foods from your daily allowance.

The Community

Join the James Smith Academy to be a part of our community. Enjoy the support and banter of many other friendly and like minded members. Our in-site forum and video comments allow you to interact with other members by asking questions and discussing topics.

For All Devices

JSA has been optimised for both mobile and desktop. That way, you can use the site whether you are on the go, or just sitting at home. In addition, JSA has been built as a progressive web app, meaning that you can add it to your mobile home screen like a regular app.

Mobile Friendly Website

Catch James On 104.1 Territory FM The F Word With James Smith

Every Thursday morning, listen to James talk about fitness with radio host and James Smith fan, Mel Little. You can catch up all on the episodes here.

Members Body Transformation
Members Body Transformation
Members Body Transformation

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