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Don't just follow, understand.

Imagine putting together IKEA flat pack without the right instructions, it’s frustrating and there’s no guarantee you’re doing it right.

Use the Learn tab in the JSA with hundreds of videos made specifically to help you understand what really matters when working towards your fitness goal.

Forming an understanding of the crucial principles will allow you to make decisions for yourself and remove dependency on all the fitness fads.

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Motivation when you need it.

Once you have learned the fundamentals and have set up your program and nutrition, we realise how important motivation is. All members will have the privilege to access to a JSA unofficial Facebook community group. For premium members you will also receive weekly check-ins via the in app trainer support chat and access to our famous 3 month challenges.

Exercise programs which fit your needs.

When working towards your fitness goal, it is important that your exercise supports your goal. If it does not, you may be putting a lot of time into something with poor returns. This is why we offer a range of different exercise services.

Personalised exercise programs are created exactly to suit your needs. We write exercise programs for customers with less than a years experience to more than four years experience and for home and gym training. If you need any changes to the program or just have a question, we provide a designated program messages chat.

If you have a little more experience in exercise and just need some new ideas, James writes daily workouts. These are accessible under James Workout's and you can specify your preferences to filter workouts which fit your goal.

If you just want to build your own workouts you can, it’s easy to stay on top of your reps, sets and weights with our very own interactive workout tracker on the website and one of the most sought after features on our app.

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A little nutritional guidance.

We will not write generic meal plans for you. Instead, we help you calculate your macro and calorie requirements, provide you with tasty recipes and provide you with a meal generator and planner, which helps you create your own meal plans, which you will stick to. Recipes are added weekly by our members, which means there will also be new recipes available for your meal planning.

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More than just a PT.

It is not uncommon for the JSA team to meet up with its members. In Bondi, coaches Nicole and Andrew organise a weekly weekend walk! Check out some selfies our members have captured with James and some of the team.