Personal training, but without
the costly frills

My Old Online Program

  • Daily chat with me, when I was awake and not PT’ing
  • Program rotation every 8-12 weeks
  • Manually working out your calories and manually giving food ideas
  • Often very busy and backlogged with clients having to find them videos on youtube
  • Programs written on a pdf spreadsheet

In 2017, because I didn't have an app or coaches to support me, I had to do most of the things manually.

This is why 1-2-1 coaching is so expensive. Back in 2017 it was $305 USD a month.

Unlimited Trial

  • includes Keep on track and stay accountable with the Momentum Score
  • includes Receive Personalised Exercise Programs from the coaches tailored to your goals!
  • includes Coaching Support available 24/7. Whether you need a program update or just general advice
  • includes Take part in our 12 Week Challenge, where members and coaches work together to smash their 12 week goals
  • includes Full Classroom access, with exclusive evidence based videos which teach you what matters and what doesn’t
  • includes Access the Nutritional Calculator, so you have a starting point for your diet
  • includes Access the Meal Generator to get an idea for meal plans which fit your nutritional requirements

Try all these features for free for 7 days. After this, continue to use a restricted version of the app for free

Monthly Subscription

$62  /month
  • includes Everything on the Unlimited Trial
  • includes Monthly Access Subscription

Today my Monthly Subscription is significantly better priced due to supporting coaches, state of the art app infrastructure and valuable time saving features.

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Our Guarantee🛡️

We understand that there are a lot of fitness apps on the market that over promise to what they deliver, for that reason we offer a 14 day money back guarantee - we ask that you sign up through the website which gives us full control of a same day refund should you not think the James Smith Academy is perfect for you.