London to Edinburgh

So I am in Scotland.

Diren and I are currently in a bar having a gin and tonic, it's 9pm.

"Gin and tonics make me write sick emails bro, it must be scientific."

Kartal, D.

It's a weird old bar and we had to open a bookcase to get into the main bar area.

I was told there was free refillable popcorn so I was sold immediately.

We have our laptops with us as we have work to do as we've been out all day.

Why are we in Scotland?

​We took one of our members out for dinner.

Lorna, winner of the Vegas challenge.

​We hired a car and drove out to her home town (in the arse end of nowhere).

Her nearest McDonalds was a 25 minute drive away.

No wonder she doesn't drink. How is she going to get a McFlurry on a hangover Deliveroo'd that distance away.

Lorna has been dealt one of the toughest hands of anyone I know at life.

I wanted to ask her face to face about it more today and I can't tell you how mad it is that someone in her position not only was brave but audacious enough to commit to my Academy.

I won't disclose too much of her personal life but a lady from a small town in Scotland who couldn't walk unassisted gave the JSA challenge a go.

She fucking owned it and won it too.

From what I hear the support systems gave up on her several times but she didn't give up on herself.

It's not often I sit in a room with someone who is more audacious than me, I was taken back a bit throughout the entire day.

Not only did I find out what a strong Scottish woman was made of today.

It actually made me realise how fucking soft the rest of us are.

​Moaning about how we're busy or tired from our big weekends.

Making up in most cases trivial shit.

​None of us have ever had to move house because we can't use stairs to only mention a few.

Point I want to make is this.

3.5 months ago a lady who couldn't walk unassisted entered our JSA Vegas challenge saying "I have nothing to lose".

She'd seen loads of specialists who couldn't help her.
​She went and fucking won it too.

I spoke to Lorna and told her that Las Vegas may not be the best place for her  to celebrate and we offered a cash prize instead.

​I asked her today what she'd spend it on and she said she's told me she's going to use the money to go swim with dolphins.

I am absolutely fucking buzzing about that.

So today from me, in Scotland.

I'm going to tell you to have a bit of Lorna about you and stop being such a fucking pussy.

3 months from now I could be in your front room with you telling me how you "couldn't believe I actually won!"

​You won't win without taking part, I can assure you that.