Another Happy Member

Hi James

I’ve been with the Academy since September, signed up for the three month trial. Gave a huge explanation on my training bit about injuries and more recently, I had a problem with my knee subluxing but not always slotting back in. However, normally I’d have lost my shit and had a breakdown. I had my weekly check in, Andrew was blinding, recommended a new plan, Diren was on it and absolutely brilliant with me.

I just want to thank the guys for being so good with this injury, for helping me continue to rehabilitate physically as well as mentally through varied exercises. The best thing of all... is I’m back in love with training again. Something I never thought would happen!! I genuinely can’t thank the guys enough.

Ps can you thank Sean too, he’s always my check in guy and great!

I’m sorry it’s long winded but because of you guys I’m happy to train and not just go through the motions.

Thanks again