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Do I need to pay something extra on top of Premium to access the challenge?

No, the challenge is part of the Premium Plan.

I am afraid that the challenge is not for me, should I join?

The challenge is for everybody. It is mainly so that you can challenge YOURSELF to set a goal and achieve it in a 6 or 12 week period. Most of our members have less than 1 years experience, so this is not some sort of elite challenge.

Is the challenge included in a Premium Plan?

Yes, the challenge is included in both the Premium Plan block and subscription

I cannot see the challenge or enrolment section on my home tab?

This is most likely because you do not have an active membership. You need a Premium plan to take part in the challenge.

What are the challenge prizes?

The prizes change for each challenge. Please refer to the challenge page on the website and watch the video at the top. We usually explain the prizes for the challenge in the video.

How long does it take to decide the challenge winner?

Usually 2-3 weeks after the challenge closes.

I can't seem to upload my images or measurements yet?

You will be able to upload images and measurements when enrolment has closed and the challenge has begun. This is done so that everybody starts at the same time.

How do I know if I am enrolled?

If you visit your challenge enrolment form and it says 'You are enrolled...' in green across the top, then your enrolment was successful.

I need help with my challenge goal, I am not sure what to do?

If you need help actually coming up with a goal, you can ask for some assistance from our coaches using the trainer support chat on the app. The coaches will be happy to help you 😊

What membership do I need for the challenge?

You need to hold a Premium membership for the entire challenge. It can be a Premium Block or a Premium Subscription.

I have not received the challenge enrolment email, why?

Everybody is sent the challenge email when they enrol. If you do not receive it, firstly check your spam. If it is not there, it is likely that you have unsubscribed from our emails. The information on the email is similar to the information on the challenge page on the website, so do not worry, you are not missing any critical information.

Will a 3 month block cover me for the whole 12 week challenge?

Probably not, we suggest purchasing a 4 month block to cover the whole challenge period.

I don't seem to be able to submit the challenge form?

Please make sure you have completed all of the fields. It will only not submit if you are missing all of the fields. Please make sure you have entered your country, it is not pre-populated. The only other thing which could cause the form to not submit is an extremely long story.

I missed the challenge enrolment, can I enrol late?

Unfortunately not. When enrolment is closed, we cannot open it again until the next challenge.

If my membership payment fails while on the challenge, will I be kicked off?

No, you will not be kicked off. Not having a Premium membership will make it impossible to enter your images and measurements, which means you will not have uploaded your progress each week, which just makes it hard to win.

How often should I submit my challenge images and measurements?

Each week, you should upload at least 1 image and 1 measurement to your challenge tab.

Are my challenge images shown to the public?

No, they are used to assess your progress when it comes times to judging. Your images are not shared with the public.

I don't understand challenge measurements, can you help?

For the challenge, you are asked to pick a measurable goal. Each week, you measure your progress towards this goal and enter the measurement into the chart area within the challenge tab. We ask for a weekly measurement, because it helps us to assess your progress towards your goal.

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