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Why does my account show as active on the website and not on the app? Or, why does my account show as active on the app but not the website?

If this is the case, you have logged into two different accounts as your account is shared between the app and website. An easy way to confirm this is head to your account area on the app and look at your email address and then head to your account area on the website and look at your email address. If they do not match, you have created two accounts. This often happens if you have already created an account with username/email and password and then you login with Apple or Facebook and your Apple or Facebook email address does not match your JSA account email address.

I currently have an active subscription through Apple, but would like to purchase a plan through the website instead. I have canceled my Apple subscription, but it says that I cannot purchase a plan from the website until it is canceled. What can I do?

The reason we do not allow you to purchase from the website while you have an active Apple subscription is so that you do not accidentally have two plans running at the same time. Apple manages and controls their subscriptions, so we are unable to refund or cancel them for you. We can only manage subscriptions made with us directly through the website. If you would like to purchase a plan on the website before your Apple subscription has finished, we can reset your membership back to a Trialing Plan so that you are able to make a purchase on the website. However, please know that by doing so, you will lose the subscription you have paid for through Apple. If this is something you are ok with, please send us a message and we can reset your account back to the Trialing Plan.

Can I purchase another block if my current block has not finished?

Yes, the new block will add to the remaining time on your current block

Is the monthly subscription a contract?

You can cancel at any time, this is not a contract.

Can I pause my subscription?

Unfortunately, we do not offer this option. We suggest canceling and then resubscribing when you are ready to re-join.

How do I upgrade and downgrade between memberships?

If you subscribed through Apple (In-App Purchase), you must upgrade and downgrade through Apple. If you subscribed through the website, you must upgrade and downgrade through the website. You can upgrade from Standard to Premium instantly. To downgrade from Premium to Standard, you must first wait until your Premium membership has come to an end.

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