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How quickly will I receive my personalised program

Almost always within 24h and in extremely rare cases, up to 3 days.

Why are my reps, weight or sets not saving?

Make sure to press the grey button on the set after updating a value, this will save the set.

I cannot see the sets or reps on the exercise, do you not provide them?

We do, just check the exercise name with the arrow across from it.

Why can I not see my personalised programs now that my membership has canceled?

Personalised programs are part of a paid plan. If you no longer have a paid plan, you will not have access to the personalised programs. This is consistent with the rest of the app/site. For example, you cannot watch plan restricted videos after you plan has expired, regardless of if you watched them when you had an active plan.

How often should I request a new training program?

We suggest you request a new program every 4 weeks.

Do you guys make training / exercise programs for home training.

Yes, many of our customers exercise at home. We build programs for you, based on the equipment you have available to you. Less equipment will just reduce the exercise variation.

Why has the coach not entered weight on my program?

They have not entered the weight because they cannot. The trainer does not know how strong you are, so it would be very risky for us to assume your strength and enter a starting weight for you.

What is the difference between Personalised Programs, My Workouts and Browse workouts?

Personalised Programs are written for you by the coach and are written to your instruction. You are able to track your personalised programs directly on the personalised program. My Workouts are where you can build and track workouts which are not personalised programs. It is also where you can follow Browse workouts. Browse workout are generic workouts written by James each day. They can be filtered to match your goals and preferences.

What does E/S mean on a program?

It means Each Side.

Why is my program not exactly what I requested?

Writing a personalised program is like making a suit. We try our best to get it perfect first time, but often, it takes adjustments to get it perfect. This is why you have the program messages and can request unlimited changes to the program.

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