Access & Download

updated: 2nd June, 2019

We provide you with a number of ways to access the JSA so that you can stay connected and access our services. You can access through a web app, a website browser or our new app. Please read below to find out about each method of access. Please click here to read and report bugs 🐛.

iOS & Android App ( 🥳 NEW ✨ )

We have just launched the JSA app, which is accessible through the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. This is great way to access our services, although is it the least stable at the moment, because the app is so new. We are working through bugs and therefore would greatly appreciate your feedback and bug reports to ensure we can squash these issues as quickly as possible. Thanks for your patience and help!

Mobile Web App

A web app is powerful and can look and behave similar to a native (normal) app, but usually does not have the feel or performance of a native app. It is essentially the website run inside a 'shell' to feel more like an app. They can be saved to your mobile home screen for easy access and only require a second to set up.

Our web app is stable and is currently the most common way to access our services. To install the web app on your mobile home screen, simply login and while you are on your home tab, click the option in your browser to add the web app to your home screen. On iOS in Safari, click below and then 'Add To Home Screen'. On Android in Chrome, click the menu button and then 'Add to homescreen'.

Web Browser

You can of course access our services through our web browser. This is probably the first way you interacted with the JSA and is a stable way of doing so. Just make sure you are using an up-to-date browser and device.