What can you accomplish in 12 weeks? Let’s find out!

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JSA 12 Week Challenge

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Starts on Mon 06 Jun 2022

Finishes on Mon 29 Aug 2022

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Enrolment opens on Sat 03 Sep 2022
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Here's How it Works
1 Set Your Goal

Whether you train at home or in the gym, pick a goal that's important to you. That's all that counts, you vs you.

The coach will write you a programme best suited to your goal and the equipment you currently have available.

2 Upload Measurements

Once the challenge begins, we ask that you submit images and measurements weekly in your challenge tab.

You should have at least 12 images and 12 measurements by the end of the challenge, this helps me judge your progress as you go along and give me a good insight to what you've accomplished week by week.

3 Everyone's a Winner

In our eyes, everyone who takes part wins, if you crush your goals for 12 weeks you've not lost a thing as the challenge is at no extra cost.

The challenge is there to intensify your progress and to find your inner competitor that exists within us all.

Exciting results from our awesome members
Time frame and dates
1. Enrolment period

Enrolment period lasts 10 days. During this period, you may enrol into the challenge, by clicking the challenge tab, selecting the most recent challenge and completing the entry form.

2. Challenge period

The challenge period last 12 weeks. During this period, you will upload your weekly images and measurements to your challenge tab.

3. Grace period

Grace period lasts for 5 days after the challenge. This is given to allow participants who are late to submit their final images and measurements.

4. Judging period

After grace period, we will take between 2 and 3 weeks to judge all participants and announce the winner. Also, after grace period, we open enrolment period of the next challenge.

Achieve more than just your goal…
1st prize
$10,000 AUD contributed towards a holiday of your choosing.
2nd prize
Lifetime JSA Membership
3rd prize
1 year JSA Membership

🔥 Challenge Block

$196 /for 4 months
  • includes Keep on track and stay accountable with the Momentum Score
  • includes Receive Personalised Exercise Programs from the coaches tailored to your goals!
  • includes Coaching Support available 24/7. Whether you need a program update or just general advice
  • includes Take part in our 12 Week Challenge, where members and coaches work together to smash their 12 week goals
  • includes Full Classroom access, with exclusive evidence based videos which teach you what matters and what doesn’t
  • includes Access the Nutritional Calculator, so you have a starting point for your diet
  • includes Access the Meal Generator to get an idea for meal plans which fit your nutritional requirements

Only available for purchase when enrolment is open

Great offer for the entire challenge period! Reach your goal and don't get distracted!


Only available for purchase when enrolment is open

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